Despite reform legislation following numerous press reports of the plundering of assets within conservatorship proceedings, it continues. Why? Because there continues to be retaliation against those who speak against it.

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Robin Fields, Evelyn Larrubia and Jack Leonard, Justice Sleeps While Seniors Suffer. Probate courts are supposed to watch conservators’ conduct and discipline those who abuse their authority. They’ve failed dismally in this vital role. L.A. Times, November 14, 2005

Robin Fields, Evelyn Larrubia and Jack Leonard, Missing Money, Unpaid Bills and Forgotten Clients. Anne L. Chavis, a churchgoing nurse, had sweeping power over wards’ lives. It took years for the VA and others to rein her in. L.A. Times, November 15, 2005

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Elder Abuse is occuring in record numbers.

Age and cultural bias within conservatorship proceedings resulting in the competent being deemed incompetent.


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