attorney since 1985

Like Abraham Lincoln and most Supreme Court Justices before 1930, Linda does not have a law degree,  qualifying to take the state bar exam by a combination of work at Levy & Goldman and classes at Peoples College of Law.

Her classmates in those years include former LA Mayor Antonia Villalagosa, LA City Councilman Gilbert Cedillo and State Assemblywoman Maria Elena Durzazo.   Linda passed the 1981 first year bar exam with the only grade of “A” and the 1985 bar exam the first time, when the passage rate was less than 50%.

Linda is a credentialed community college teacher since 1988, a licensed real estate broker since 1999, a Certified Mediator since 2001 and Court Appointed Counsel since 1996, representing conservatees in senior or limited conservatorship proceedings. She has represented conservators, both professionals and family members, since 1990, including in the mental health court.  

Linda has acted as executor or trustee in more than 10 cases and is bondable for $10 million.  Her trial experience includes a five day bench trial that succeeded in winning title to a property whose recorded ownership was in the name of another for thirty years. The win was confirmed unanimously on appeal. [Estate of Olvera v. Beatriz Stotzer, B190105 (2nd Appellate District 2007)]

As in house counsel for the West Coast Office of the IATSE for two years, she is familiar with issues related to union and non-union movie and TV productions.  Her clients include members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Musicians Union, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, UTLA, SEIU, LGBT, and LAPD and LAFD employees, and two religious communities. Her criminal law experience is limited to seniors cited for driving mishaps, the most recent a referral form Huntington Hospital’s Senior Care Network. Linda also gets referrals from Musicians Union Local 47 and is on the referral list provided by Huntington Library to their Heritage Society members.





Linda Paquette was admitted to the California State Bar on December 18, 1985. Like most Supreme Court Justices before 1930, she does not have a law degree. Linda qualified with classes at Peoples College of Law and full time work at the firm Levy and Goldman.

Linda passed the 1981 first year bar exam with the only grade of “A” and the 1985 bar exam the first time. She started her private practice in 1990.

Linda is qualified to act as a Mediator, Estate Administrator, Conservator of the Estate, Trustee and Evidence Code Expert on elder abuse, court required fiduciary accounts, conservatorship issues and the LMRDA [Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act].

Rates for wills, trusts, post-death administration of trusts and the statutory fee to probate an estate. Retainer deposit required. Wolf alert for seniors. 


Attorney since 1985, Real Estate Broker since 1999, Court Appointment Counsel for proposed conservattees since 1995, trained mediator since 2001, Adjunct Professor at Peoples College of Law. Able to act as Successor Trustee or Administrator of a probate estate with bond and professional liability insurance. 

Past Affiliations

Southern California Organizer, J.P. Stevens Boycott (1976-1979)
Women’s Advisory Council, California Apprenticeship Standards (1976-1979)
President, California Young Democrats (1979-1981)
National Secretary, United States Youth Counsel (1980 to 1985)
Education Director, Catholic Labor Institute (1979-1984)
LA Chapter Officer, Coalition of Labor Union Women (1979-1984)
Vice President, Western Labor Press Association (1980 to 1985, 1989 to 1990)
International Representative, IATSE Hollywood Office (1987-1989)
Labor Law Instructor, Los Angeles Community College (1988-1992)

Articles by and about Linda

Jim McVicar, Linking Labor with Youth , San Diego Union, Oct. 18, 1973
Linda Paquette, Federal Reserve’s Role in Inflation , L.A.Times, Nov. 18, 1978,  Opinion Section
New Labor Attorney, Federation News, Jan. 1986
Briefcase, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Dec. 24, 1985
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Paquette Named Int’l Rep to Hollywood, Variety, April 16, 1987
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Donna Huffaker, Love May Send Him to Jail – at age 92, Glendale News-Press, Oct. 29, 1997
Donna Huffaker, Love Won , Glendale News-Press, Aug. 23, 1999
Linda Paquette, Conservatorship’s Promise of Protection Threatened by Failure to Regulate, Legal Network News, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, Spring 2009
David Robb, Wire the Money and Run – Hollywood horror story about how we treat disabled seniors,  Hollywood Today, Aug. 19, 2010
David Robb, A Cautionary Hollywood Tale: The Conman Who Stole Famed Art Director’s Home – And The Sister Who Helped Him, Deadline Hollywood, July 23, 2015

Western Labor Press Association Journalism Awards (best in category)

Journalism Award 1989
 1989 WLPA Journalism Award

1989 – Hollywood Organizer, Founding Editor (circ. 20,000), published quarterly by the IATSE Hollywood Office [International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Operators of the U.S. and Canada]

1980 – CWA Psych Tech Union News, Founding Editor (circ. 10,000), published monthly by Communications Workers of America

Los Angeles CLUW NEWS (various years 1980 to 1985), (circ. 300), published quarterly by the L.A. Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women

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